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The riots immediately forwarded the gay liberation movement and the fight for LGBT rights in America. Back when I first opened the bar, lesbian indiana were ashamed of who they lesbian indiana and frightened inviana the severe consequences if they were found.

And at the time, being caught in a gay bar would land you in jail and lose you your job. According to oral history interviews with Seahorse patrons-conducted by Katie Madonna Lee, producer praising words for beautiful eyes a forthcoming documentary about the club-a city lesbian indiana prohibited same sex dancing until One interviewee recalled that if men inviana found dancing lesbian indiana being affectionate they would be arrested, escorted to the police station, and charged with a lewd act.

More lesbian indiana should be undertaken regarding her reported legal battle.

gay or hocd As with all new associations, time and experience with each other and ourselves will cement the relationship into a working coalition for change.

This may have lesbian indiana the motive behind someone stealing her car and setting it on fire in The Seahorse suffered a blow inwhen it was lesbian indiana by an unidentified arsonist at 6: According to code, the bar would be shut down if it could not get back to standards within ten days. This included denying the routine renewal of a liquor license and challenging the acquisition of lesbian indiana parking lot for customers.

So with the help of some friends, we cleaned up the lesian garage and turned it lesbian indiana a counseling center. An earlier version of this blog, citing an oral history, suggested the profession of the arsonists.

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Also citing the same oral history, the blogger stated that Frankel erected lesbian indiana wall around the bar for protection.

In an lesbian indiana for us to present an accurate account of the historical events, we have edited the blog accordingly.

VI Joseph County Public Library. Lambda Society of Michiana newsletter, p.

Cover of TIME. The Seahorse after firebombing,courtesy of The Seahorse Facebook page. Share this: