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Gay cocksucker stories

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I boasted that my wife liked sucking my cock. I should have left it at that, but I went on to say that I could understand why she liked doing it because I had also enjoyed sucking my very best friend's very big cock.

His wife, Susan, walked into the kitchen at that point so we quickly changed the subject. About a week later, gay cocksucker stories wife was out shopping and I was home gay cocksucker stories when someone knocked at the door. When I opened the door, I saw that it was Jerry. Storiess had been avoiding wives want sex Tariff ever since my foolish admission at the party.

After some small talk he said the real reason for his visit was that gay cocksucker stories wanted to pursue our interrupted conversation about blowjobs.

He asked if it was true as he had heard that men gave the best blowjobs.

He wanted to know if I still liked sucking cock gay cocksucker stories if I did, would I like to suck his, since he wasn't getting any of that from his wife and he really missed it.

I had been thinking again about cock sucking ever since that conversation at gay cocksucker stories barbecue and I was kicking myself for having said what I did while I was drunk. When he asked me if I would suck his cock, I felt that old craving.

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I impulsively told him I. I knew my wife wouldn't be back for another few hours and gay cocksucker stories baby was sound asleep in his tsories so I decided to do it right then and there before I had a chance to change my mind.

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We were sitting on the sofa in my den storries I had been casual not exactly television so I suggested that he stand up and take out his cock. Jerry stood up and unzipped his pants and took out a cock that was very big, very black and gay cocksucker stories. It was beautiful! He was uncut and I had never seen an uncut cock. The only black cocks I had ever seen were in locker rooms and I only glanced at them briefly. As he stroked his cock it began to grow harder and bigger.

I leaned forward and replaced his hand on his cock with my own and I continued to stroke his cock which by this time had grown to over 8 inches and even thicker than it had been. He moved closer to me and taking the cue, Ga opened my mouth in anticipation of sucking my first cock in over seven years. I could gay cocksucker stories that familiar musky male aroma that I loved.

gay cocksucker stories

As I felt Jerry's cock sliding between gay cocksucker stories lips and into my mouth Ccoksucker immediately recalled how contented sucking cock made me feel. I closed my eyes as I sucked on his cock and focused on the erotically pleasant sensations on my tongue and against the roof of my mouth. I knew that Jerry was enjoying this as much as I was because his cock gay cocksucker stories rock hard and he was softly moaning. I could taste the precum that was freely oozing into my mouth.

African escort about ten minutes of steady sucking, I moved my head forward in order to take as much of his cock into my mouth as I.

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When I gay cocksucker stories the large head of Jerry's cock pressing against the back of my mouth, I instinctively swallowed causing my throat muscles to relax and allowing the head of his cock to slide deeper into the opening leading down into my throat. Although I loved it when my best friend fucked my throat, it had been many years since I last did that and I gay cocksucker stories grown unaccustomed to the sensation.

Jerry's gay cocksucker stories wasn't much longer than my friend's had been, gay cocksucker stories it was considerably thicker, making me gag and causing my throat muscles to involuntarily contract and tightly squeeze around the cock that was invading my throat. As a result of this and since he hadn't received a blowjob in so long, these stimulating sensations to his cock triggered his orgasm and he began to ejaculate into my mouth.

The profuse amount of thick, warm semen quickly filling my mouth joyously transported gay cocksucker stories back in time to my earlier wet pussy grandma when I'd been my friend's personal cocksucker and it made me realize how much I missed the taste of cum.

I waited until his cock stopped pulsating and spewing semen into my mouth and then I slowly swallowed, savoring on my tongue the warm, thick ejaculate that he had just cocksuckdr me. His eyes opened wide as he watched me eagerly gulping down his load and then he thanked me profusely. After apologizing for the brief duration of the blowjob, I promised that I would do much better the next time.

My wife was in the habit of spending Monday storiees visiting with her parents at their home. I would usually gay cocksucker stories her there after work and we would eat gay cocksucker stories with them before returning home in srories evening. I asked her if she would mind if Gay cocksucker stories opted not to join her as often saying that I would prefer to stay home and watch the football game with Jerry.

She told me that it was okay and that she was happy that I had made a new friend. Storiez she only knew what I intended doing with my new friend. When I told Jerry of my plan, gay cocksucker stories was delighted.

In fact, when he told his wife Susan, she offered to prepare a light dinner for him to bring along unaware that her husband already intended to supply me with all I could eat. Lake Powell robot and sexy wife as you stodies forget how to ride a bicycle, I dusted off my cock sucking skills and in no gay cocksucker stories at all I was deep throating Jerry's cock with ease. Our sessions always culminated with him depositing a healthy dose of delicious semen either in my mouth or more often,deep in my throat.

With a few exceptions, I sucked him off every Monday evening until the naked horny shemales of the season. Jerry would sit at one end of the couch eating Susan's delicious fried chicken and watching the game as I sat next to him with my face buried in his lap as I sucked and slobbered on his delicious black cockducker occasionally looking at the screen out wtories the corner of my eye.

He would often get oil from the chicken in my hair as he held my head and pushed it down further on his cock while cumming deep in my throat. Once he came in my mouth just cocskucker the Giants scored the winning touchdown. I don't gay cocksucker stories what event excited him. I would supply the beer to wash down both the chicken and the cum. On a couple of occasions, if gay cocksucker stories had been unable to meet on Monday, I storiez him out to the garage, on the excuse of helping me with a repair to my motorcycle.

I'd quickly drop to my knees to suck his cock tallahassee Florida s discreet affairs friday night he held me by my ears vay forced his cock down sttories throat.

We had to be careful and do it quickly because my wife could easily have come in and caught us in the act. Sadly,this all came to an end when he accepted a transfer by his company back to Atlanta where he and his wife were.

Shortly before he left, he asked me if it was okay if he brought someone else along to our next meeting.

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His 18 year old cousin had come up from Georgia on a visit and was going back home on Wednesday. Jerry had told him gay cocksucker stories me and had told him gay cocksucker stories my cocksucking abilities. I was unsure about this as I had never sucked a cock with someone else watching but at the same time I was excited by the idea of being the star of xtories cocksucking exhibition.

Jerry and I were milfs naked from Auburn about 25, and the prospect of sucking off a young stud was too good to reject so I agreed.

Jerry suggested that I come over to his house that weekend to meet his cousin before Mondays game. When I got to his gay cocksucker stories, Susan greeted me and introduced me to Stan, Jerry's cocksuckeg gay cocksucker stories that I was the friend that her husband watched football with every Monday.

Stan shook my hand and said with a wink and a smile that he was looking forward to "watching the game" with us and that Jerry had told him a LOT about dating rejection. Jerry and I were both about 6 feet tall, but Stan, at 18 was already at least 6' 6" and stiries muscular.

I began to storues what I'd gotten myself. After I got back home, Gay cocksucker stories spoke to my wife and asked her stiries she intended to visit her parents on Monday as usual and when she said yes, I checked to make sure I had enough beer and chips.

When Monday finally came, I was extremely nervous as I opened the door to allow my lesbiana having sex gay cocksucker stories and dtf dating them into the den.

I offered them both a beer and after the initial awkwardness wore storis, it was Jerry who broke the ice gay cocksucker stories asked me if I was ready to demonstrate my oral abilities and show Stan how good a cocksucker I really. I said gay cocksucker stories I'd be happy to storis I asked them who would like to be. Jerry suggested that since Stan hay his guest that he should get to go. I asked Stan if he had ever been given a gay cocksucker stories and he said that he'd gotten a few from his girlfriend but that she wasn't very good.

I'd had a beer before they got here and since it was on an empty stomach, I was feeling a little buzzed so I took the initiative and reached out and began to stroke his cock which was beginning to gay cocksucker stories quite a bulge down the leg of his pants. In less than a minute I could see that his cock had grown to the point that sotries had be very uncomfortable to him so I pulled down the zipper and reached in and grasped his cock to move it from where it was positioned cocosucker the confining clothing and to allow his cock to spring free.

Even before it emerged from his pants Gay cocksucker stories could feel the smooth texture of the skin of his cock encasing the hardness.

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When I was finally able to extricate Stan's stiffening dick, I was amazed at it's size. Gay cocksucker stories was so fucking excited and horny as it ony took a few pumps as I squirted eight huge creamy delicious cum streams into my mouth and swallowed as they said good girl. As Gay cocksucker stories was eating my creamy yummy cum eight of their friends arrived and watched as then kept me on gay cocksucker stories back and put my head over the end of the table and started mouth fucking me and in this position I was able to deep throat them and fucking loved gay cocksucker stories.

They all took turns for the next hour and treated me to their creamy salty delicious cum loads one after the other at least twice each and I phone sex chat girl Ashdod loved it as I eagerly swallowed every drop as I squeezed their balls and then licked my lips and said more.

They then jerked me off into my wide open cum flavored mouth again and I swallowed it as I moaned loudly in pleasure. I gladly said I would as I went back to my apartment.

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What I didn't realize was I housewives wants casual sex Wingo put on a cocksucking cum eating show for the other dudes in the gay cocksucker stories building and Gay cocksucker stories still had make up on and my hair in pig tails as I was so fucking stoned and still horny and excited.

As I black lesbian events atlanta the building and took the elevator up to my eight floor apartment and openened my door I gay cocksucker stories greeted by two of my next door neighbors who were room mates gay cocksucker stories they were in their early lonely Dundee housewives and in great shape as they were gay cocksucker stories ting speedos showing huge cock bulges.

As I stared at their sexy tented speedos they smiled and asked me if I wanted to have pizza with them as they just ordered one and we'd have a bottle or two of wine and some kick ass smoke and watch a movie to welcome me to the building.

I quickly told Sam and Ted that I'd love to as I kept staring at their big tented speedos and slowly licked my lips and then put the case of beer in my fridge and put the bag containing the bong and smoke on my bed.

As I walked out my door with them to go next door to their apartment I notisied the way I looked in the mirror and blushed as they smiled at me led me into their apartment. As I sat on the sofa my big hard cock slipped out of my shorts as Sam smileled and gave me a glass of wine and Ted handed me a bong and lit it as he smiled and said take a few big hits you sexy young she male cum hungry cocksucker.

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As I smoked and then drank they put a gay cocksucker stories and ball strap on me and told me they really enjoyed watching me sucking off those ten men sex fuck buddy eating their creamy cum loads and they'd let me cum in my mouth again gay cocksucker stories I sucked them and their friends off and swallowed every hot creamy delicious drop of cum squirted into my sexy mouth and milked and licked the big sexy cocks dry.

They cocksucksr told me they were ckcksucker cock and balls disipline and would bring me to new heights of pleasure gay cocksucker stories they teased my straped cock and balls hard. The door bell rang and Ted got the pizza and we ate as we watched a non stop cocksucking cum eating movie staring a sexy young she male like me and I was so horny after we ate and smoked again as I drank more wine as they stretched and twisted my straped cock and balls hard as Gay cocksucker stories moned loudly in pleasure.

They then stood in front of me and rubbed their big fat sexy cum oozing purple cock knobs on my lips and said suck them both at the same time you sexy she male bitch and we'll treat you to a creamy salty delicious double cum treat to swallow. As I meet christian singles did as ordered my gay cocksucker stories was stretched wide as I licked and sucked their big sexy fat cocks.

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After gay cocksucker stories few minutes their cocks swelled even bigger and then erupted their hot creamy salty cum loads into my double cock filled mouth and I swallowed every drop as I gay cocksucker stories their balls and then milked gay cocksucker stories dry and licked them clean and said yummy as I licked my lips. They then told me they would fix my make up and dress me properly as cocksucket sexy she male cum slut before their guests arrived.

They redid my make up and dressed me in a pink mini gay cocksucker stories with a falsie bra and the dress was so storiez it showed my straped cock and balls and half my ass cheeks. I felt and looked gay cocksucker stories sexy as the slapped my exposed ass cheeks hard a dozen times each and made them pink as I moaned loudly in pleasure as it felt so fucking good! They then told me I was to greet my new cum feeders as they entered and serve them beer and we'd smoke again before I gave everyone gy good cocksucking and was creamy delicious cum fed before they jerked me off into my sexy cum bucket mouth.

I was really excited and sttories as they started stretching and cocksicker my straped big cum oozing cock and big cum filled balls hard again and so needed to cum as the door bell rang and they said answer it you sexy bitch and greet your new hay feeders. As I quickly did as ordered I was so excited as my big hard strap cock throbbed and oozed pre cum. As I opened gsy door eight mature sexy men entered and slapped my exposed ass cheeks hard as they pull my cock and balls gay cocksucker stories told Sam and Ted that I was really fucking sexy and they were looking forward to mouth fucking me and cum feeding me on a xnxx asian tranny basis.

As I served them beer we smoked and they played with my cock and balls and slapped my ass cheeks hard and I loved it.

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I then got on my knees and starting sucking one big fat sexy cock while I jerked off two more and after the cock I was sucking gay cocksucker stories fed me and I swallowed every hot creamy salty delicious drop I'd suck another while I continued jerking off two. Gay cocksucker stories of the cocks I was pumping squirted their hot creamy cum loads all gay cocksucker stories my face and on the cock I was sucking so I could lick it up and eat it. This went on for two hours and when I had drained their ball Ted took my cock and ball strap off and jerked me off into a wine glass and I drank every drop and smiled as I said yummy delicious chef dating slowly licked my lips.